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end of tenancy cleaning

Tenant cleaning responsibilities

At the end of a tenancy, there is a responsibility on the tenant to leave the property as clean as it was when they moved in. For both tenants and landlords, it’s advisable to take plenty of photographs of the property at the start of the tenancy, which provide evidence of its cleanliness, or otherwise, at the time.

The landlord should also have provided a written inventory of everything provided for the tenant, describing the condition of each item. So if the carpets are described as “clean throughout”, that’s exactly how they should be left. Failure to do so is likely to result in a landlord retaining a portion of the deposit to pay for cleaning.

During the tenancy

In an ideal world, tenants would always keep the property clean and tidy during their stay. However, there is actually no legal duty on tenants to keep the property clean while they live there, no legislation on weekly hoovering, daily dusting or monthly window cleaning. That’s why Mr Cleaning will move in once gone and give the property a going over. There’s nothing to stop a landlord politely pointing out issues spotted during regular inspections, such as rubbish piled up or filthy ovens, but there’s no legal recourse until the tenancy has ended, but we can come in and clean your property once a week or when ever you feel the need for us.

Cleaning after tenants leave

End of tenancy cleaning causes more disputes between landlords and tenants than any other issue.

So it pays to make sure everyone knows their rights. These include what their landlords obligations and responsibilities are, what level of cleaning is required, what constitutes fair wear and tear, and who should pay for what.

While landlords need to get their property spic and span for new tenants, those departing must leave the property as clean as they found it to avoid losing part of their deposit. Thats why Mr Cleaning solutions will do you proud and take the worry out of moving for you.

I am super happy that I recovered my deposit in full

“I’ve been moving around the UK due to the nature of my job and there are times that I have to move in short notice. And most of the time I wasn’t able to fully recover my security deposit because of hiring the wrong people to handle the end of tenancy cleaning for me. That is why I was so surprised with the kind of feedback I got from my landlord with Mr Cleaning Solutions team who do the end of tenancy cleaning for me. My landlord was so pleased as you exceeded their expectations and I am super happy because I recovered my deposit in full. “