Mr. Cleaning

Military Quarter Cleaning

Mr Cleaning Solutions are a company owned by Veterans. Both my wife and I served in the military. Having both previously served, we understand the difficulties of maintaining quarters in a clean and serviceable state at all times. Being in the Army, I was in the field or deployed all of the time and the one thing I disliked the most was having to leave the cleaning of my Quarter to my wife whilst I was away from my family for weeks and months at a time. This is the one of the reason our business was created. Our goal is to save our customers time as we understand how time consuming it can be to clean quarters.

We understand the level of detail it takes to get the job done. We created something easy and convenient to allow our customers to have a little more free time to do the things they love and have one less thing to worry about by allowing us to take care of their cleaning needs.

We have studied military cleaning procedures; All to ensure we not only meet the standards of cleanliness but also to be certain we are not damaging equipment for the next service member. We take pride in our service. We know that, in our own little way, we are helping our customers with their inspections, a smoother transition, and the peace of mind knowing that their Quarter is in good hands and ready for whatever the next chapter may be. We hope that with our service we continue to give back to our Military community.